Legislation Handbook Level 1 Regulatory Exams RE1 and RE5



by Paul Rabenowitz (Author) ,

Publisher: LexisNexis South Africa
Publication Language: English
ISBN 9780409125610
Fifth Edition
© 2018

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A Single source of reference for the information relevant to the regulatory exams 1 and 5.

You will also receive a DOWNLOAD of  the Preparation guide (PDF) which includes the qualifying criteria provided by the FSCA for these exams. The qualifying criteria are cross-referenced in the Preparation Guide to the relevant sections to be studied in this Legislation Handbook.

  • TAB A: FAIS Act & Regulations;
  • TAB B: Code of Conduct;
  • TAB C: Fit and Proper;
  • TAB D: General Acts, Board Notices & Guidance Notes.
    • In Section D we have further grouped the information by subject matter area in order to assist you to find the relevant items quickly and easily.
  • TAB E: FIC Act, Regulations & Guidance Notes.


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