Fundamentals of Financial Planning 2018


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An introductory commentary on all aspects of financial planning

Fundamentals of Financial Planning has been written as an introductory text for financial planners and undergraduate students of financial planning and is written in a practical outcomes-based format. Besides being the prescribed text for financial planning and wealth management certificates at NQF Level 5 and 6, this book is also an excellent reference work for anyone embarking on a career in financial planning as it covers all aspects of financial planning in one concise volume. Fundamentals of Financial Planning is the sister publication to the best-selling South African Financial Planning Handbook.

Table of contents

Section 1Fundamentals of financial planning

Chapter 1 – The financial planning profession

Chapter 2 – The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

Chapter 3 – Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist legislation

Chapter 4 – The client and the financial planning process

Chapter 5 – Financial calculations and the time value of money

Section 2Insurance planning and risk management

Chapter 6 – General principles of risk management and insurance law

Chapter 7 – Insurance products and the Long-term Insurance Act

Chapter 8 – Healthcare

Section 3Tax planning

Chapter 9 – Income tax

Chapter 10 – Capital gains tax

Chapter 11 – Donations tax, transfer duty and VAT

Chapter 12 – Estate duty

Section 4Investment planning

Chapter 13 – Economics

Chapter 14 – Investment planning

Section 5Estate planning

Chapter 15 – Law of succession

Chapter 16 – Marriage and Matrim property law

Chapter 17 – Law and taxation of trusts

Chapter 18 – Estate planning

Section 6Retirement planning

Chapter 19 – Individual retirement planning

Chapter 20 – Employee benefits

Section 7Business planning

Chapter 21 – Business entities

Chapter 22 – Business insurance

Chapter 23 – Financial management and understanding financial statements

Section 8Integrated financial planning

Chapter 24 – Case study


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